Starbucks: An Obession.

Yay, another chapter of the An Obsession series. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure if I should make it as a series or not after I posted about Instagram. But the idea just suddenly came to me while writing this. Another way for me to keep making more posts, haha. Pretty much all my life, I’ve been living with Tim Hortons’ drinks and desserts. Sometimes, I would usually get coffee made by my dad or a French Vanilla from Coffee Style. I’ve never really payed attention to Starbucks when it came to my town a few years back. It was very popular and I would see a lot of people holding cups with the brand’s symbol on it. I remember that I only tried one drink and I didn’t liked it at all. But afterwards, I decided to give Starbucks a chance. So I went back and bought a Caramel Brûlée Latte during the winter time. I have to admit, I loved it. But after the summer time, I really loved Starbucks and bought the Caramel Frappucino. I loved it so much and I’ve become addicted to it. Every year during the summer time, I’ve always bought it along with a whole wheat bagel. No other drink. I’ve also tried the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappucino (which is the same as the regular Caramel Frapp but with more caramel in it).

What about you? What’s your fave order from Starbucks?

Skin Care Review: Clarisonic & Aveeno.

I’ll have to admit, I’m pretty much new to be giving out reviews on skin care since it’s one of the last things I would talk about this blog, but hey, like I said before, it’s time to make some changes here. As a teen I would usually worry about putting on makeup since all of the girls would usually wear it and sometimes can be a hassle putting it in on everyday. So I made myself not care about my face. But as I finally reached my 20s, I began to actually think about myself and try to look decent in front of people. However, I still don’t put any makeup on, unless I really have to (like for a special occasion) and I’m in the mood for it. But I change my mind sometimes and do put some makeup on. But the problem was, I would get a lot of acne on my face. It was a pain, I would try so many products to help me get rid of them. I was beginning to give up and think about never leaving the house. But as I watched on the Shopping Channel one night, I saw they were talking about a product called Clarisonic.

I was really intrigued by the item very much that I really wanted to try for myself. However, I didn’t want to get it just yet. I watched some videos on Youtube saying it was an item that was very worth to get, despite the price. During the summer when I was getting better after my surgery (middle of August), I was able to get one at Sephora in the mall that I usually go to. The one I chose was the Aria (or Mia 3 as they call it in some sites and stores) because it has more options than the Mia 2; it has a 1-2 minute timer that you can set yourself,  it has 3 speeds (low, medium, high) and it has a stand you can put it on while it charges. The first time I used it, I did feel more refreshed and different since I was used to washing my face with my hands. You can literally feel the difference. Since I had it for almost 3 months, the brush isn’t as effective as it used to be at the moment since when I first bought it. Plus you need to change the brush head every 3 months (Sephora’s website said 3 to 4), so it’s no wonder.

After getting it, I also bought some cleansers to wash my face with. I originally bought Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser at Target, after I felt that Nivea didn’t really do much for me. It helped a little. Then after, I bought Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser for acne prone skin. I feel having that really helped a lot in loosing pimples. I haven’t had any new ones so far so I’m very happy with that. I also bought the Aveeno Positively Radiant Targeted Tone Corrector and the Daily Moisturizer SPF 15. Now, for the first time I saw that commercial with Jennifer Aniston, I admit, I seriously had huge doubts in getting those items. However, they were worth to get. I originally had dark spots on my cheeks, which very annoying to even look at and trying to get rid of. But as I started putting them both on, I’ve seen a huge difference on my face. When I put them on for the first time on my face, it did warn me it would give a tingling sensation which made me feel kinda itchy. But I got used to it and continued to put it on with ease.

While I feel the price is a little bit high, I personally feel that getting a Clarisonic device is worth saving up and getting. I personally would recommend getting the Aria, but if you can’t afford to get one at that price then get the Mia 2. I promise you, you won’t have your money spent.  However, if you feel extremely worried then register the device and KEEP THE RECEIPT. It’s the only way you’ll get your money back. But for me, I doubt I’ll be returning it. I still have the box because I love to look at it, haha. The only thing I would suggest to you if you’re getting the Mia 2, is that you should get the Cashmere Cleanse LUXE Brush Head. It comes automatically with the Aria, but it can be bought separately.

Tell me, which products do you use for your face and would you recommend it? :)

One Down, More to Go.

Let me begin to say, that I FINALLY have my driver’s licence!!! I was originally planning to do it when I was 16. But my mom wouldn’t let me. (Only child, overprotective parent = you do the math.) At the same time, I got less motivated to do it every year, even after I turned 18 and said I would do it at that age. Now since I’m sick and tired of my mom complaining that saying “this place is too far.” Well, I finally decided to do the damn test and get it over with. Might not get my full licence now but it’s still a head start. Last night, I began to revise. And after I woke up during the day, I revised more, and lucky for me, I passed. Yes, I’m late in getting it. Who cares. I’m still young and still have my life ahead of me. I have a lot of things to do. But it’s never to late to get it. Just do a quick study and you’re good. If you want to get your driver’s licence, go for it. My advice to you is to study the night before and do a big revision the same day you go do the test. Road signs are easy, let me tell you. But it’s the road rules you really have to study hard for. That’s all I’ll tell you. Wishing you the best of luck if you do it! :) So for now, I have one resolution accomplished. Another resolution I had planned to finish was doing my passport. No, I never had a passport before and no, I never went on a plane. But now it’s time to change all that. :) I think it’s time for me to act more adult now. Go ahead and call me a baby, but I am now at a certain age where I can be called an adult. I actually finished filling it out, but now I have to wait for a friend of my mom’s to fill out one part and then I’m good to go. :) Let’s see what the next resolution I need to finish before the year finishes :)

So Much For A Good Year.

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote here. Didn’t mean to not post. But a lot of things have happened over the year. Most of them were upsetting. I’ve had 3 recent deaths in the family. Two who were very close to me and one I never knew or met. My aunt passed away back in March and I had to go to Montreal for the funeral. When I saw her body at the viewing, the feelings, suddenly came up to me and I started crying. I just couldn’t accept that she was gone. For me, she was still alive, cooking and always smiling. But now, I’ve come to accept it. In July, one of my closest cousins who was living with me since she was young (but she moved out when she was a teen to live with her sisters, and trust me explaining this would be a very long story.), killed herself. She was living in another town, unmarried and had a child. They said that she killed herself because she was depressed. But I hardly believed that. I bet that someone killed her. But the detectives told my eldest cousin that she killed herself as the final verdict. I still couldn’t believe it because she is THE LAST person for me to believe that she did that. I was the only person who said a few words at the funeral while everyone else was too chicken to say something. I was happy for myself for doing that, but at the same time, disappointed at the rest of the family who didn’t say anything.

Also in July, I had to have an an emergency surgery on my left cheek of my bottom because I had an abscess growing. I heard that it was common. I was surprised because I felt completely fine before it happened. But now, I’m completely healed and can move again. The first time I felt it, I thought it was my tailbone hurting me because I have a habit of sitting a lot around my laptop. But it was my mom who noticed after she gave me a massage. So I went to the hospital to get it removed. But after realizing this, I needed to take my health seriously. I have to admit, I am a little bit overweight. I’ve tried to lose weight but I gave up after I gained it all back when I started college. And this experience made me realize how life is seriously precious to all of us. And we only have once to live. So I’ve made an appointment to see a dietician. I actually feel good about it. Hopefully this time when I lose, I lose it for good.

Begin Anew.

Happy New Year to all of you! I would have posted earlier, but it’s the second year in a row that I got sick before the new year. I want to thank those who left me comments on my previous post. As you know it was a rant, and now since it’s a new year, I’m focusing on the positive. To help me do that, I’m following Demi Lovato’s new book Staying Strong. I’ve also planned on changing programs in September. I’ve decided that I will completely focus on singing rather than acting. That doesn’t mean that I will be giving up my dream to be a voice actress. I’m just putting that on hold to focus on one thing rather than two at a time. I still plan on studying Japanese. It’s only kinda difficult while all of the good things are in Toronto while I live in a city beside it and have to drive. Especially right now since this winter is one of complicated ones I’ve seen since the ’90s. But I’m still making that sacrifice. Last year (or rather say in the previous ones too), I only got to wear make up for special times. This year, I’m gonna do my damnest to wear makeup everyday. Those are my resolutions I’ll mention. The other ones are more personal. So I hope you all try to accomplish. xo Good luck! :)

My Dream Home

I’m pretty sure that when you were young, you imagined of your dream house. Like girls would say that they want to live in a castle like the following Disney Princesses: Snow White, Princess Aurora and Princess Jasmine. But as you get older, you realize that it’s impossible. When reality crashes down, you probably start thinking where should you live and such by the time you reach 18 or in your 20s.That’s when you start to house hunt usually for school and afterwards. Depending on your relationship status, you probably start thinking of your dream place before or after marriage. As a girl living with her parents with no siblings, I’m pretty much tired in living in a house since sometimes when my parents are out, it’s a bit overwhelming with so much space around that I actually don’t mind living in a small place like a condo or apartment.

As my town was slowly becoming a building town (as my mom and I call it “Condoville”), I never thought that I would love condos so much until my cousin lived in one and nicely decorated. Also another friend invited me over at his house and he lived in a condo close to the mall and it was really elegant. Since then, condos have always been on my mind. But one condo really attracted my attention since I was in my teens. The luxurious condo, The Park Mansion. From my mom’s window, I’ve always seen the building. But I’ve never seen the place until I changed schools for grade 8 and my bus stop wasn’t at my house (shockingly, because usually the bus would stop over at the stop sign at the end of my street. My street is shaped as a crescent). So my dad would drive me over there every morning and lucky for us that we knew the address cause it’s across from my doctor’s office and not too far from my house. So the condo was my temporary bus stop.

The first time I went, the security told us we couldn’t park out in front of the entrance of the building, so they let us use the visitor parking and I went inside in the building’s lobby. When I saw it, I was awe struck on how beautiful and elegant it was. The staff of the building was very nice and welcoming as well. I never wanted to leave!!! The second time I went in, was in the afternoon after school when I was waiting for my mom. My friend showed me the elegant Skyclub which is at the top of the building on the 36th floor with a pool and sauna. It had a wonderful view and you can literally see all of Toronto and Mississauga from there. Since then, that condo’s always on my mind. And I’ve always dreamed of living there. If I ever lived there, I would get a one bedroom and one bathroom. If I wanted more space, I would stayed in my current house and never think about it again. But then again, I don’t want too much space.

Welcome to Adulthood.

Ever since I hit 18, my life has been flashing before my eyes. I instantly started thinking about the future. I worry a lot about my career, how I’m gonna live my life, where I’m gonna live my life, will I be stuck with my parents till they die and let them take care of everything for me? I always stressed about it. Obviously, I was thinking about moving out in the future who’s in my twenties. But at the moment in Canada, finding a job isn’t easy, no matter how many times my parents stress me to get one. At the same time, when you’re an only child and have overprotective parents lurking behind your back, it even causes big problems. Especially when you bring up the subject to your mom, who instantly tries to make your feel bad or find ways to not bring up the subject. Then again, it seems like she doesn’t want to be left behind due to my dad being ill (he has lung problems) and doesn’t want to be only one left to take care of him. /sigh.

However, I do have been thinking about my dream home (well, condo) in my town of Mississauga. I don’t like to live in a house since I’m already living in one. It’s a very luxurious place. At the same time, my friend lives in the building. Another thing that worries me sometimes that I shouldn’t. Even my dad brought it up a number of times: my career. I want to be a singer and voice actress. Those are the only two things I love and want to do (I also like to do web designing but my inspiration has diminished so low at the moment that it will be hard to me to get it back). My dad brought up that I should do nursing. I told him I didn’t. I want to follow my dreams and do it. However at the same time, I worry if I won’t make it. I try not to think of such doubt cause if I keep bringing myself down, I know it won’t happen. That’s how I feel. I also worry about finding myself a job. I want to get money desperately since my dad’s a bit cheap in sharing money with my mom and me even though he keeps saying it’s for us. What’s your experience when that time came for you? What did you do? How do you manage it?

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.

Boy, another summer gone already? Why does time goes by so fast? But looking back, I actually had a good year. Released my first single, went to two conventions (Anime North and FanExpo), been working out, studying a bit of Japanese, new family members, hanging out with old friends, playing video games and such. On my birthday, I got a new console which is the PSVita and Tales of Hearts R from Japan. I got a DS Lite previously with the game, My Japanese Coach to help me with my Japanese studies (which is really helpful). Mom recently shocked me by getting an iPad which now I can say that I’m addicted, haha. But at the same time, I fail at typing on it. /nervous chuckle. Since I was with my mom when she bought it, we decided to keep it a secret from my dad. Why? Sometimes, he would complain about a lot of stuff so, yeah, we didn’t tell him. :)

As you probably know, (if you didn’t, I would be surprised.) Apple upgraded iOS on the iPhone~ I actually didn’t know that Apple was going to do that until my phone provider sent me a text about it. Before updating, I did some investigation on it via Apple’s CA website. I was really surprised and was like: I gotta do this now!!! I even told my mom about it and she wanted me to update her phone to iOS7 as well. After the update finished, I was awe-struck at how pretty it was and sparkly and light~ But at the same time I was like: how I do do this and such because some things changes on the phone too. My overall opinion of the update that is, I loveee it and still waiting for other apps that I use to update to the same format :) Now I don’t need to change my iPhone since I love it so much. /hugs iPhone 4S. :)

Worlds Collide: Once Upon A Time

I was gonna write this a long time ago, but I kept forgetting. But after writing that post on Hannibal, I knew that I had to write about this series. Of course, I watched this before Hannibal. I got into the series after watching a tv spot on Youtube. I was watching gaming videos at the time of course, recently Youtube’s been giving a lot of ads which was annoying me. But this one caught my eye. I’m a huge lover of fantasy (which makes me wonder if that’s normal up to this point because it affects my mind and etc) and I love romance. This show included stories of Snow White, Cinderella and other stories of that genre, which made me get curious on the show since they said that they wouldn’t remember who they are. So when OUAT premiered on that day, of course I was watching it on CTV at 7. The only person I knew from the show was Lee Arenberg from Pirates of the Caribbean  I knew Jennifer Morrison was in House, but I never saw her in the episodes she appeared in because sometimes I would miss watching House. And at the same time, I also didn’t know her name. /nervous laugh.

The pilot was beautifully made. I mean, Ginnifer Goodwin is beautiful as Snow White/Mary Margaret and Josh Dallas is handsome as Prince Charming/David Nolan. And seriously they’ve chosen a wonderful cast. I love Lana Parrilla as The Evil Queen/Regina Mills, she brings sass to her character. I also wish to have their wardrobe because seriously, in every episode, the cast has wonderful costumes that I want to keep. Especially Ginnifer’s wardrobe for Snow for both the present time and in fairytale land. Right now, I can’t wait for the season premiere for the 3rd season to air on Sunday. I’m sure we will have more Charming family time (which I totally look forward to in this season since we just started to get in the last season but needed more).

Bon Appetit: Hannibal

Lets start that I have no idea that I would be so obsessed over this series and I’m very happy that it’s getting a second season! As you know that I have a Tumblr (btw, you’re welcome to follow me if we share the same fandom) and I follow some blogs. I just randomly came across a gif set of Hannibal and Abigail and I got myself curious about the series. When I did a little research on Wikipedia, I thought, let me watch the latest episode that came out. Then I watch the first and so on. Then I instantly became a fan and started shipping Hannibal/Will, Hannibal/Abigail, Hannibal/Alana, Jack/Bella, Alana/Will and you know the rest of the pairings if you watch the show. I also did a little research on the actors as well. Like I never knew Mads and Hugh were co-stars in King Arthur and now they’re together again on this show. I also didn’t know that Laurence Fishbourne and Gina Torres were actually married in real life and now they’re husband and wife on the show as well! Small world, eh?

The show’s actually really good that I bought the first season on iTunes via my mom’s account, haha. The characters are well played, the music is wonderful (Btw, NBC if you’re reading this, release a soundtrack and score, please!!) including the settings and effects. This has to be a awesome version of Hannibal that I’ve watched in my life. I’ve only seen Hannibal Rising, so please keep your opinions to yourself for now, all right? So I think Mads has done an awesome job better than Gaspard Ulliel. Speaking of Mads, thanks to him wearing high class suits in the show, he’s ruined me by making me fangirl over him on Tumblr. I’ve also seen En Kongelig Affære (A Royal Affair) which he’s starred in last year which I seriously recommend you Mads fans out there to watch~ You won’t regret it. I also didn’t know that he was in Casino Royale and I watched the movie once! /forgetful. I’ll watch it again since he’s in it~

A Winter Wonderland.

Well, it seems like even after Groundhog Day has passed, winter is still here and being more fiercer than ever. Not too long ago, what it seems like a blizzard, but a snowstorm came into the province of Ontario on Thursday and didn’t finish until Friday night. It was a huge predicament for my parents and myself since the snow really dropped heavily to the ground. I didn’t see this much snow since the 90’s. :/ And I’m quite shocked to see that much fall again for the new year.

Due to my dad being ill and I didn’t want my mom going outside, my parents didn’t want me to do the snow. We do have a snow plow in our garage, but sadly it’s still in the box, brand new and untouched. However, we did call someone to do our driveway for us. However, we did have the front door to do. Which was hell for me and my mom. We managed to do it within an hour which made me soo tired.

While it was freaky to watch the snow falling from my window, I did take a few pictures with my iPhone since it did look lovely to look at afterwards.

Instagram: An Obsession.

My NailsI won’t deny it. It’s true. Thanks to a friend from school, I’ve been completely addicted to this app on my iPhone (as you see by the picture of my new polished nails). Almost every day, I would try to take a picture of something that would look nice to post on my account, haha. Either it’s myself or an object that catches my eye or love. It can also be food before it’s been eaten. It’s like the second thing I would use next to Photoshop to edit pictures. The effects and coloring … It’s so mesmerizing. If I can’t do it via Photoshop, I would do it on my iPhone then try to post it. It seems like from this point, I can’t just only take plain pictures with my phone. I have to use Instragram or I would go insane. I originally had Instagram when I had my first iPhone; the iPhone 3G. I used it a few times, however, I wasn’t that much into it as a I was bit insecure taking pictures of myself. But as I changed my phone again to an iPhone 4S after my BlackBerry was acting up and renewed my phone contact with Fido back in November, I got the app once more and got more into it. Since then, it’s one of the used apps on my phone. :)

A New Year.

こんいちはみんなさん (Hello everyone), happy new year to you all~ Wish you all the best! Have any of you made any resolutions? Speaking of that, do you believe in doing them? Are you serious in the things you’re planning that you want to for this year? For me, I basically feel 50/50 about it. Sometimes I might not get it done because the feelings will kick in and I might stop doing it all together. I made some personal resolutions and I made some online related as well. I also hope to blog more for the new year. And hopefully I won’t have to delete the pages in order to restart all over again. I honestly want to stop and go forward.

As you can see that I’ve written hello in Japanese. I’m also aiming in learning the language completely this year. I’m also happy to say that I’ve taken lessons again, this time with KemushiChan. If you’re interested in learning or increasing your learning skills, I suggest you visit her site right now and visit her Youtube as well. :) Mom says that we’ll “finally” go to Walt Disney World this year. I’m not so sure since she promised to go. But I don’t believe it, till she proves it. I also hope to find love this year. I’ve never been in a relationship so, I want to experience that and hopefully keep that. I also hope to get noticed as a singer, so I need to increase my singing skills. Good luck to you all in the new year~ xoxo

Cough, Cough, Cough.

こんいちはみんなさん (Hello everyone), first of all, Merry Belated Christmas. Happy to say that I’m back to the blogging world. I hope you’re all doing well and having a wonderful holiday. As for me, well… as you can see by the title, I’m not. I suddenly got the flu. My mom’s the first person to actually get it though. She got it from a co-worker/friend from work last week. Then I caught it from her, since I took care of her (and I repeatedly told her that I can’t afford to get sick since I sing), then poof, I got a sore-throat on Friday. So sadly on Christmas Day, I’ve been coughing, sneezing, and blowing my nose non-stop. Fun, isn’t it? I’ve been constantly drinking Ginger Ale and Honey Lemon tea to feel better at some points and I couldn’t eat. I tried drinking soup on Sunday night, but I threw up afterwards. But I was able to eat a belated Christmas dinner on Thursday, so yay. Apparently, more family members have been getting sick as well; like my uncle in Montreal, my cousin’s husband, and my other cousin’s son. I seriously wish I was in a warm climate right now and I wouldn’t have to worry about all this except allergies.

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